Additonal Support

If you have a Learning Difficulty, Disability or other support needed, we will give you additional support. Early in your course, we will give you an assessment to help us arrange the support that you may need in order to complete your course. we can also provide dyslexia assessments and help you apply for any special examination arrangments that you need. Every year, lots of students benefit from this extra support. For further details, visit the Learner Support Team within Student Central (Phone Number - 01625 410000 (Ext. 547) or email


Mandy Montgomery



Got a problem in life? Need someone to talk to about it? I'm here for all College students - you can talk to me in private about any personal problems. It's free, it's safe. it's confidential and I'll work with you to help you achieve whatever you want.

Call in to see me in room M272 in Student Central or phone/text me on 07738105379.