Your time at College is valuable. We are here to help you make the right decisions - so make use of us when you can! We can help you in a number of ways:

  1. Initial Guidance - before you start with us, we can help you to decide the most appropriate course to take.
  2. On Programme - whilst you are at College, we can help you to decide which career you want to do by considering your intrests and abilities.
  3. Exit - we can support you in finding out information on your options follwing your course - whether this be into more education, training or work.

You can find a fully stocked Careers Library in the LRC, including University Prospectus'.

Phil Maddocks is our independant Careers Advisor who is available in Student Central on Tuesday's. You can contact him directly on or ask a member of the Student Central team to book you an appointment.

Check out any Apprenticeships here!

Applying to University

Staff in Student Services are available to help you with your progression to Higher Education. We can provide help with initial course and institution research, writing your personal statement and preparing for interviews. We also provide guides to applying for student laoans. Student Services administers the UCAS system in College and offers guidance sessions for groups and individuals on the application process.

Personal Statement Guide

Key dates for Uni