Financial Assistance for Students

Need help with money?

Learner Support Fund

The Learner Support Fund is specifically aimed at students facing financial hardship in accessing education. Funds will be allocated upon a proven hardship need which must be substantiated by evidence. Assistance can be provided for items such as travel costs, subsidised meals, material or kit costs and childcare costs and will either be paid in cash or with payment in kind for course expenses.

The type of assistance is based on your age and your course, so not all support is available to all students. Please see the relevant section below for more information.

Childcare support is available for students aged over 20 yrs. Students are required to organise their own childcare (the provider must be registered). Payments can cover half terms, Christmas and Easter Holidays but not summer holidays. Each student will be responsible for 5% of the bill up to a maximum of £25 each month.

Students aged under 20 years needing childcare support should apply to Care to Learn. More information can be found at

To be eligible for travel assistance students must live more than 3 miles from College and not on a College Bus route. Bus or Train tickets are reimbursed monthly in arrears subject to attendance penalties.
Eligible students can be provided with meal assistance via an electronic payment system. Eligible students are allocated £3.50 per day for meals.
Some courses require materials/kits such as Art or Beauty, support can be provided to help with the cost of these materials. Support can also be provided for the cost of educational visits. The level of support is determined by the course and level.
Each case will be considered individually and in strict confidence. Among factors considered are;

  • Your income, expenditure and other sources of funds available to you.
  • The personal circumstances of you and your dependants.
  • Comments from your course tutor on your attendance and progress on your course.

Students are expected to contribute towards costs where applicable.

You will need to collect an application form from Student Services or follow the link below to download a form. The completed form, along with all supporting documentation e.g. benefit book, Tax Credit notice etc., should be returned to Student Services. Staff will then assess your application and write to you informing you of the decision. Applications are considered throughout the year.

Application for Financial Assistance

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