Top Teacher Award... and the winner is.

Thank you to everyone who nominated for the first ever Top Teacher Award. Over 100 students nominated a tutor who they felt had made a significant impact on their time at Macclesfield College. The winner and runners up were chosen based on the quality of the nominations, and were independently verified by an external party.

Here is your winner and runners up with just some of the fantastic comments we received.

Adam Kelly, Music Lecturer

"Inspiring, helpful, a brilliant musician and an all-round good guy. I've improved my music skills loads since I started due to him pushing me towards my goals. He has been a top teacher and deserves the award."

Runners up (in no particular order)

Annie Ashton, Programme Leader Media, Performing Arts and Music

"Since the first day I started the course, Annie has never failed to 'a-MUSE' me or any of the class. She teaches us so well, and can always say I go home learning something new each day. She is like one of the students; so involved, so supportive, and I couldn't ask for a better and amazing teacher. She will make me go far in the future and with my education, and I thank her dearly for that. Annie always puts us first... Love you Ashtonator!"

Fran Peover, Programme Leader in Public Services and Care

"Fran has helped me through the last 2 years. She is kind and understanding; she has encouraged me and got me through when I felt like giving up. She always has faith and inspires you to keep going. I'm so glad she has been there for me and I never would have got this far without her. A big thanks!!"

Gill Bell, Care and Public Services Lecturer

"I feel that Gill Bell is a kind, caring, funny and overall fantastic teacher. She always goes above and beyond and no job is too big or too small. Gill makes myself and the other girls on the course want to come to college and give all in our lessons. She is also on our level and looks at things from both sides, knowing that being a teenager, college is not always our main priority. Gill lifts us back up to strive for the best and I look forward to going to her lessons."

Jade Beckett, Public Services Lecturer

"Jade teaches with enthusiasm and always has a smile on her face, she gives the best advice and knows how to deal with the classroom environment successfully. Jade makes the lessons interesting which helps us take in the information and pay attention. She is a very good teacher and I have learnt a lot from her."